System of Rice Intensification, part 2

The rain was intermittent. The road was by turns gravel and broken concrete. it was ribbon through the jungle that we road…

System of Rice Intensification, part 1

It is Ee and It is I and it is our vehicle in search, alone, for Kratom.

Istuti: Sri Lanka

To all my American friends: you must go to Sri Lanka!

Arugam Bay: surfing and slacklines

From the Monastery to Arugam Bay, den of hedonistic pleasure.

Monk Life: the daily grind in paradise

The question everyone keeps asking me: why’d ya do it, Jojo?

Failure: Promise of Enlightenment Eludes Naive Tourist

Sorry everybody, I let you down!

Pain is Easy, Bliss Not so Much

We choose to go to the 1st Jhana [sic] not beacause it is easy, but because it is hard

Ayubowan: Sri Lanka

I was after neither time nor money, but life–not life in the pathetic sense of the poor health-seeker, for I was perfectly well and a trained athlete; but life in the truer, broader, sweeter sense, the exhilarent joy of living outside the sorry fences of society, living with a perfect body and a wakened mind. –Charles F. Lummis Last week I arrived in Sri Lanka and was immediately swept up in a current of enthusiasm Read more…

Adios: Rocky Mountains

We should go forth…in the spirit of undying adventure, never to return.

Adios: Carbondale

My run of first fridays–every single one in the last year–came to an end last night. (By the time the next one rolls around I’ll be blissing out on a small island on the other side of the planet.) My plans started small: bike into town, check out the gallery openings, the clay center, maybe some music at Steve’s, and be home in bed by 10. As usual, it didn’t work out that way. The Read more…