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Letter to My Mother, from Bucharest

…And there is the yin and the yang. That the only path to rebirth is, astonishingly, death.

Istuti: Sri Lanka

To all my American friends: you must go to Sri Lanka!

Monk Life: the daily grind in paradise

The question everyone keeps asking me: why’d ya do it, Jojo?

Failure: Promise of Enlightenment Eludes Naive Tourist

Sorry everybody, I let you down!

Pain is Easy, Bliss Not so Much

We choose to go to the 1st Jhana [sic] not beacause it is easy, but because it is hard

Ayubowan: Sri Lanka

I was after neither time nor money, but life–not life in the pathetic sense of the poor health-seeker, for I was perfectly well and a trained athlete; but life in the truer, broader, sweeter sense, the exhilarent joy of living outside the sorry fences of society, living with a perfect body and a wakened mind. –Charles F. Lummis Last week I arrived in Sri Lanka and was immediately swept up in a current of enthusiasm Read more…